Software Solutions

If you're looking for custom made software, but don't want the worries about how to develop, maintain, hosting and networking. Then don't look any further, because artvabas can handle a goat, and the one who can handle a goat, can handle everything.

artvabas is specialized in developing software solution for non-profit organizations and individuals. Not only for developing the software but also for software maintenances, hosting and software networking.

But the main thing is, you always will be in control. You decide what and how you want it, and how far our service can go for you. All this for a good price, sometimes only for the expenses or even for free. Yeah we're fun-crazy but very professional, open and transparent. And why? Didn't I tell you about the goat!


Getting started

How it works? Just fill in the contact form with your wishes. artvabas will make contact with you for a short interview to see if artvabas understand all your desires. Then...

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When your application is up and running, the first two years you can enjoy artvabas guarantee program. After this, you can decide to get advantage of one of artvabas maintenance...

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If you are a non-profit organization or an individual the cost can be free or as low as it can be, depends on the application artvabas have to develop for you. In matter of fact, we use a donation system for...

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