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Before you let artvabas developing an application for you, you should ask yourself a question: "What purpose does the application have?" or "What will it bring to your customers, yourself or employees?"

It is important to keep this in mind, because developing an application for the sake of having an application has no added value. Of course, if you insist and want artvabas to develop an application, then artvabas will develop it for you. Still, it is a shame if the application is "dusting" in, for example, on your device or in some kind of application store.

What kind

With the answers of; what the application should be able to do, who the end users of the application will be and what purpose the application will have. It often becomes clear what kind of application must be built. This can be, for example; an application for the Windows platform (desktop/laptop/tabled), for the iPhone or iPad (iOS platform), an application that is suitable for the Android platform (mobile/tablet) , or can even be used on all the platforms.

It's also possible to develop a web application. The big advantage of a web application is that the platform is independent. All you need is a recent browser and a somewhat decent Internet connection. Fortunately, we live in a world where that isn't necessarily the problem anymore, at home, on the road and in the office, everyone is on-line nowadays.


After you have figured out, what kind and the purpose your application have to be and what it must do. You can contact artvabas by filling in the contact form on the contact page of this website.

When artvabas received your request, artvabas will contact you for an interview about the application you want to be build. Then artvabas will create some kind of blue-prints about your application, blue prints of; visualization, data/communication flows, external cost and any other things if needed.

When these blue-prints are finished, artvabas will make an appointment with you to present the blue-prints. Keep in mind that these are just blue-prints and everything can be change. After your feedback, artvabas is going back to the drawing table and changes the blue-print where needed. Then artvabas make a new appointment to present the adjusted blue-prints, if necessary small adjustment can be make. Then it's up to you to give artvabas the approval for developing your application.

During development

After your approval and receiving your donation and if necessary the payment of other cost, artvabas is starting to develop your application. During development you can monitor on-line the progress of your application. You even can anticipate on the progress, so that you can give feedback/improvements on the progress.


After the development is done the alpha version of your application is ready for internal testing. Now bug reporting and solving is one of the important things to do, still minor changes can me make. When all the bugs are fixed and your application is running smoothly it's time for the beta version of your application. In this phase, external testing is done only for, if any exist, bugs reporting and fixing. When all the bugs are solved then finally release version of your application can be published. From this moment, the two years guarantee period has started, see the guarantee section on the aftercare page of this website.

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